Duck Meat Koay Teow Soup

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Duck Meat Koay Teow Soup @ Lebuh Melayu, Penang. 19 July 2009

heritage feel

heritage feel

duck meat koay teow soup

duck meat koay teow soup

    This stall of Koay Teow Soup, strongly recommended by my friend Soon Huat. He told me that every times he got friends from other place, he sure will bring them visits  this Duck Meat Koay Teow Soup. When I reach this stall early morning around 9 am, this shop was crowded. Our waiting times is around 40 mins. Honestly I feel that this Duck meat Koay Teow Soup is just normal only. The soup come with a very strong duck meat taste, which proved that the soup is 100 % cook with duck meat. For myself I prefer something which is more oily. This is too pure for me.
    During lunch times 11:30am—3:00pm, this shop is selling 鸭粥、鸭饭、粿汁. I love the 粿汁 very much. Which is recommended by tham chiak. Cheap and nice. Two thumbs up.

Roti Bakar Kopitiam

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Roti Bakar Kopitiam @ Penang Times Square, Penang. 14 July 2009

    Never visit the Roti Bakar Kopitiam near USM before. This is my first visit to this kopitiam and this is the new branch at Penang Time Square. As decided earlier with my colleagues, we will having lunch there today. Overall the food is tasty and nice. If you already tedious with Old Town Coffee, you can try something new here and which is  more near to home make style.
    Unfortunately, we got a bad experience today. My colleagues ordered the Nasi Lemak Hijau. She told me that the nasi Lemak Hijau is special and nice. While we are waiting our Nasi Lemak Hijau, the manager told us that the Nasi Lemak Hijau was “burn”. So they can’t served us today. So we just ordered other foods. Very bad thing happened !!! During the billing, they still charge us the nasi lemak hijau for around RM 18 ++. When my colleague reach the office, she only found out that the bill was mistake and over charge. So she just rush back to Penang Time Square from Northam Tower. OMG !!! So next time during the billing, must check the bill clearly and carefully, if not you will spent some extra petrol and times for the extra billing.
Honey Chicken Steak Rice

Honey Chicken Steak Rice RM 6.30

    Look special, initially I thought this was a ham. My colleague claimed that this was tasty and nice !!!
EGG On Roti Bakar

EGG On Roti Bakar RM 2.00

    Roti Bakar on top with the fresh Egg…..yummy yummy.
Roti Bakar Cheese

Roti Bakar Cheese RM 3.90

    Not bad and recommended.

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Sungai Penang Food Court

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East Coast Ikan Bakar & Taiwan Set Dinner @ Sungai Penang Food Court, Penang. 06 July 2009

taiwan set dinner

taiwan set dinner

ikan bakar

east coast ikan bakar

    Never visit the new opening food court at sungai penang. I heard that it was quite crowded. So I directly go there after my office hours, and meet my friend there. Reach there around 6 pm+, not very crowded and easily found a parking lot. Got around 10 ++ stall there. Look interesting and I a just ordinary penang “people” and I just want to try the “new toilet”. I just hanging around and not sure what should I ordered. Finally I decided to ordered the Taiwan Set Dinner. Unfortunately the Taiwan Set Dinner is quite disappointed. The set dinner is served with one fried egg,soup, chicken with mayonis sauces and sausages. Feel like the set dinner is like no taste at all !!!
    Luckily the east coast ikan bakar is not disappointed me. I heard that this bali style food court is same boss as the Bali Bali Farlim and this stall of ikan bakar are the one at East Coast Coffee Shop, Paya Terubong. Thanks god the quality are maintain.
    The other times I visited this food court again and my camera is not with me. The chicken rice at this food court is not bad as well, quite impress me at least. Just a normal chicken rice but quite tasty. The chicken rice boss call him self as 洪金寶 chicken rice. What a creative name…..

Min Jiang Ayer Itam

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Char Hor Fun & Thai Tom Yam @ Min Jiang Ayer Itam. 04 July 2009

Thai Tomyam

Thai Tom Yam Maggi Mee

Char Hor Fun(炒河粉)

Char Hor Fun(炒河粉)

    This coffee shop is same row with Nissan Ayer Itam. Quite difficult to find parking lot there, you can park at public bank or shell petrol station. Shell petrol station parking fees is quite expensive. If you dare just park at road side. One illegal parking fees will cost you around RM 2, which is equal to one cup of drinks.
    I want to try this famous Thai Tom Yam for quite sometimes, every time either already out of stock or the stall still not yet ready or the stall is not open. I always got no fate with this Thai Tom Yam. Finally this time I got chances to taste it. The soup is a bit spicy. I feel like it was kinda expensive. It cost me around RM 6 and the prawn was not very big as well. I still prefer the tom yam noddle at Siong Ho Fish Head Noodles and Porridge at Village Cafe. (Will introduce this stall at my future post)
    The char hor fun at this coffee shop is recommended. Not much of tasty char hor fun stall at Penang…. this stall of char hor fun are one of the nice one. You can find out yourself  !!!!

thamchiak @ Best Food Junction July 2009 Issues

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thamchiak @ Best Food Junction July 2009 Issues. 01 July 2009

    Without SloppyChic , I will never notice that my post is published on the Best Food Junction July 2009 Issues. The publisher got asked my permission to publish the post,but they never told me which issues. They not even send a copy to me. Luckily my friend help me to buy the magazine from KL. I try to find it at Penang, seem like I can’t find it. I appreciated that !!!
    Last year, 50+1.Malaysia have took one of my pictures and published at their book. The publisher QuaChee had sent me a copy. At least I got a good impression with the publisher.
    Best Food Junction have took my 100 Yen Shop post and published at their July 2009 Issues.
Best Food Junction July Issues

Best Food Junction July 2009 Issues

my post !!!

my post !!!

DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant (Revisit)

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DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Bayan Point. 13 June 2009

    Celebrate  father day at Daorae. As expected old peoples cannot accept korean food or japanese food. Their feed  back is so so only. This time I ordered the Kimchi Mari Gooksoo. The cold Kimchi Gookso was awesome. I think not everybody can accepted this, for me it was OK.  First time took a “cold” soup. Something new …. For the side dish, they not give me the vegetables pancake. I miss it so much…..

Dolsot-bibim-bab - ordered by my dad

side dish

side dish

Kunchi Mari Gooksoo

Kimchi Mari Gooksoo

Smoky Jack Ribs & Steak House

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Smoky Jack Ribs & Steak House @ Upper Penang Road ,Penang. 11 June 2009

    We are celebrating one of my colleague birthday, she told us that she prefer to celebrate her birthday lunch here. Overall the gentlemens is quite satisfy with the lunch, some of the ladies claim that it was so so only. For me I will rated it 4/5 star. The environment and interior was excellent. The interior is more toward to natural type. I believed that  the Smoky Jack owner had invested quite a lot of money on the interior, but worth for it . I think…… in term of environment, this is my second favorite…first one still belong to the Sire.  But in term of foods, Smoky Jack are slightly better. Just my opinion…….
Smocky Jack

Smocky Jack

the interior

the interior - nice environment for dating

the interior

the interior- natural feel

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Ko Fu Loft

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Ko Fu Loft @ Gurney Plaza,Penang. 06 June 2009

    Before watching the movie, we having our dinner at Ko Fu Loft. Since we not sure about what food should we order. So we asked the manager recommended us. He introduced us the Osmanthus Tea and All In one with meat & Vegetable.
Osmanthus Tea

Osmanthus Tea RM 5.90

    Osmanthus Tea is nice, the smell is good. When you drink it you will feel it at your throat. But I am sleepless after having this tea :(.
All In one with meat and Vegi

All In one with meat and Vegetable RM 19.90

    All In one with meat and vegetable, the taste is good but the portion is a bit small. Those meat and vegetables is not so expensive foods, but the amounts is a bit little. May be due to the expensive rental, I think.

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New York New York Deli

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New York New York Deli @ Lot 1,Choa Chu Kang ,Singapore. 06 June 2009

    As usual, every time visit Singapore, I will meet my secondary schoolmate. This times, I go to visit them at Choa Chu Kang. Normally I meet them at town. They suggest to having dinner at New York New York Deli. As I know, you can found New York New York Deli at One Utama,KL as well. Overall the dinner was great.

Root Bear Float

    Just feel like that Root Bear Float is better than A&W one.

Mushroom Spaghetti

    Mushroom Spaghetti – A bit oily but the taste was great.

Mini Cheese Fondue

    Mini Cheese Foundue- This one is our started. Not bad…dip in the fried vegetable with cheese…….sound interesting right ?

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Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园

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Mei Heong Yuen Dessert @ Temple Street,Singapore. 06 June 2009

    My brother bring me go to this shop before, after the lunch we just drop by here and having our desserts. This dessert shop is strongly recommended, is a “must” visit if you hanging around at Singapore.
Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园

Mango sago pomelo ($3.50)

杨枝甘露 ($3.50)

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