Sungai Penang Food Court

East Coast Ikan Bakar & Taiwan Set Dinner @ Sungai Penang Food Court, Penang. 06 July 2009

taiwan set dinner

taiwan set dinner

ikan bakar

east coast ikan bakar

    Never visit the new opening food court at sungai penang. I heard that it was quite crowded. So I directly go there after my office hours, and meet my friend there. Reach there around 6 pm+, not very crowded and easily found a parking lot. Got around 10 ++ stall there. Look interesting and I a just ordinary penang “people” and I just want to try the “new toilet”. I just hanging around and not sure what should I ordered. Finally I decided to ordered the Taiwan Set Dinner. Unfortunately the Taiwan Set Dinner is quite disappointed. The set dinner is served with one fried egg,soup, chicken with mayonis sauces and sausages. Feel like the set dinner is like no taste at all !!!
    Luckily the east coast ikan bakar is not disappointed me. I heard that this bali style food court is same boss as the Bali Bali Farlim and this stall of ikan bakar are the one at East Coast Coffee Shop, Paya Terubong. Thanks god the quality are maintain.
    The other times I visited this food court again and my camera is not with me. The chicken rice at this food court is not bad as well, quite impress me at least. Just a normal chicken rice but quite tasty. The chicken rice boss call him self as 洪金寶 chicken rice. What a creative name…..

~ by thamchiak on November 8, 2009.

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