Smoky Jack Ribs & Steak House

Smoky Jack Ribs & Steak House @ Upper Penang Road ,Penang. 11 June 2009

    We are celebrating one of my colleague birthday, she told us that she prefer to celebrate her birthday lunch here. Overall the gentlemens is quite satisfy with the lunch, some of the ladies claim that it was so so only. For me I will rated it 4/5 star. The environment and interior was excellent. The interior is more toward to natural type. I believed that  the Smoky Jack owner had invested quite a lot of money on the interior, but worth for it . I think…… in term of environment, this is my second favorite…first one still belong to the Sire.  But in term of foods, Smoky Jack are slightly better. Just my opinion…….
Smocky Jack

Smocky Jack

the interior

the interior - nice environment for dating

the interior

the interior- natural feel

the butter

the butters

    Three different type of butters and different taste as well, but none of us can distinguish what it is actually. It was butters for sure….
the bread

The starter for the set lunch - the bread

    Normal bread with the special type of butters, what a nice taste !!!
mushroom soup

mushroom soup

    The mushroom soup was the best, quite creamy and tasty. After having the creamy mushroom soup, we all feel that our stomach already full of foods. OMG !!!


grilled chicken lasagne

grilled chicken lasagne

    I only can make a short review on this. The others food was ordered by my colleagues. So I can’t give any comments. Seem like the grilled chicken lasagne is just OK only. May be due to lunch times, and it was peak season during that times. The quality control is out of control.
Beef Ribs

Beef Ribs


foods - forgot about the name ...


Sea food baked rice



    The RM 20 ++ set lunch come with a desserts as well. They served us a  small pieces of cakes and fruits. Full …full …. full..I heard my colleague / friends told me that, during dinner session, the food portion was bigger and of course the price will be more interesting. But I think with this type of environment, worth for it.

~ by thamchiak on November 2, 2009.

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