Roti Bakar Kopitiam

Roti Bakar Kopitiam @ Penang Times Square, Penang. 14 July 2009

    Never visit the Roti Bakar Kopitiam near USM before. This is my first visit to this kopitiam and this is the new branch at Penang Time Square. As decided earlier with my colleagues, we will having lunch there today. Overall the food is tasty and nice. If you already tedious with Old Town Coffee, you can try something new here and which is  more near to home make style.
    Unfortunately, we got a bad experience today. My colleagues ordered the Nasi Lemak Hijau. She told me that the nasi Lemak Hijau is special and nice. While we are waiting our Nasi Lemak Hijau, the manager told us that the Nasi Lemak Hijau was “burn”. So they can’t served us today. So we just ordered other foods. Very bad thing happened !!! During the billing, they still charge us the nasi lemak hijau for around RM 18 ++. When my colleague reach the office, she only found out that the bill was mistake and over charge. So she just rush back to Penang Time Square from Northam Tower. OMG !!! So next time during the billing, must check the bill clearly and carefully, if not you will spent some extra petrol and times for the extra billing.
Honey Chicken Steak Rice

Honey Chicken Steak Rice RM 6.30

    Look special, initially I thought this was a ham. My colleague claimed that this was tasty and nice !!!
EGG On Roti Bakar

EGG On Roti Bakar RM 2.00

    Roti Bakar on top with the fresh Egg…..yummy yummy.
Roti Bakar Cheese

Roti Bakar Cheese RM 3.90

    Not bad and recommended.

set lunch - curry wanton mee

set lunch - curry wanton mee RM 8.90

Curry Chicken with Mi Ku

Curry Chicken with Mi Ku

Curry Chicken with Mi Ku

Curry Chicken with Mi Ku

    The curry chicken was not spicy at all and the taste was great. At least the chicken portion is bigger than old town one.
Fish Porridge

Fish Porridge

    The porridge just average.


~ by thamchiak on November 14, 2009.

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