Min Jiang Ayer Itam

Char Hor Fun & Thai Tom Yam @ Min Jiang Ayer Itam. 04 July 2009

Thai Tomyam

Thai Tom Yam Maggi Mee

Char Hor Fun(炒河粉)

Char Hor Fun(炒河粉)

    This coffee shop is same row with Nissan Ayer Itam. Quite difficult to find parking lot there, you can park at public bank or shell petrol station. Shell petrol station parking fees is quite expensive. If you dare just park at road side. One illegal parking fees will cost you around RM 2, which is equal to one cup of drinks.
    I want to try this famous Thai Tom Yam for quite sometimes, every time either already out of stock or the stall still not yet ready or the stall is not open. I always got no fate with this Thai Tom Yam. Finally this time I got chances to taste it. The soup is a bit spicy. I feel like it was kinda expensive. It cost me around RM 6 and the prawn was not very big as well. I still prefer the tom yam noddle at Siong Ho Fish Head Noodles and Porridge at Village Cafe. (Will introduce this stall at my future post)
    The char hor fun at this coffee shop is recommended. Not much of tasty char hor fun stall at Penang…. this stall of char hor fun are one of the nice one. You can find out yourself  !!!!

~ by thamchiak on November 8, 2009.

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