100 Yen Shop

100 Yen @ i-Avenue, Penang. 19 November 2008

100 yen

100 Yen Shop


Mango Snow Ice

Lychee Snow Ice

Lychee Snow Ice


Strawberry Snow Ice

    100 Yen Shop is open on 18 Nov 2008. I got tried the coffee snow ice(not bad), but that day I not bring my camera with me. So 19 Nov 2008 I visit this shop again. My friend ordered the Lychee Snow Ice. He said that not bad, but he also claim that raja uda one, portion is much bigger. I try the Mango Snow Ice, overall quite tasty. The snow ice really look like “snow”. Something that you can’t find at some where else. The boss and boss wife is quite friendly as well.
    The other day my ex director also bought us the Strawberry Snow Ice. The strawberry flavoured, I feel so so only. May be we consider this as our 2008 bonus, we almost eat until cried out.

~ by thamchiak on January 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “100 Yen Shop”

  1. i have go b4. But no time try the ice.Just buy a junk food only

  2. […] me a copy. At least I got a good impression with the publisher. Best Food Junction have took my 100 Yen Shop post and published at their July 2009 Issues. Best Food Junction July 2009 Issues my post […]

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