Yang Gui Fei 羊贵妃

Yang Gui Fei @ Smith Street,Singapore. 06 June 2009

    羊贵妃-西安特色面食小吃 , introduce by my ex-colleague. Overall I feel that the food is just OK and the taste was just normal. May be due to I not born in 西安, I not really know how to enjoying these type of food. Not about nice or not nice, just that not my cup of tea. If you want to try something new and special, you can try it. During my lunch, I saw quite number of people order the lamb “satay”, you might want to try it. Due to I seldom eat lamb. so I not order any of it !!!!
Yang Gui Fei

Yang Gui Fei





mee 2


    大盘鸡- a bit spicy and too salty.
    蒜蘸(BIANGBIANG)面- according to my ex-colleague the taste was just ok and a bit spicy
    酸汤面- sour and the taste is a bit pure.
    May be they more expertise in cooking lamb . Due to I seldom having lamb, may be you can figure it out yourself !!!


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