DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant

DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Bayan Point. 04 June 2009

    Another Korean Restaurant have arrived to Penang since June 2009. As I knew, Penang island got around 5 to 6 Korean restaurants only. The one at Gurney Sunrise is not bad but the prices a bit expensive. DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant, sound like they are expertise in BBQ. Will try their BBQ next times. This round will try the most basic food first, as I like to said, if basics one also can’t handle it…..others food really not dare to try already.


side dishes

side dishes - my gangs love this tau fu a lot


kimchi - I love this, we refill it around 3 times

    A variety of banchan(side dish) had been served, we love the Tau Fu, Kim Chi and vegetables with miyonis sauces. Those that we like it, we had refill it for around 3 times. Is this a bit over ??

side dishes

side dishes - I like this as well

pan cake

Plain pancake

    We love this plain pancake as well, fried egg with vegetables. Something normal but tasty.
kimchi fried rice

Kimchi Bok-um-bab

seafood ramen

JanChi Gooksoo


Kimchi bibim gooksoo

    KT ordered the Kimchi Bok-um-babt, she like it a lot. She always love spicy food..I think… I ordered the JanChi Gooksoo. Which is gooksoo cook with sea food and egg. I quite like it as well. Pure taste and nice.  Grace ordered the Kimchi bibim gooksoo, which is fried gooksoo with kimchi. She claimed that the gooksoo is a bit spicy and she can’t even finished it .
    Total bill for three person is around RM 57 ++, quite reasonable prices and worth for it.


~ by thamchiak on October 24, 2009.

One Response to “DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant”

  1. bbq korean style. I always loved their imagination and attention for details

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