Bukit Bintang Market

Bukit Bintang Market @ Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 02 May 2009

    One of my favorite coffee shop at KL. We are a bit late today, around 10 am ++ we only reach there. As usual the place crowded with customers. Normally we will go for the right hand side hainan coffee shop (if you face the shop lot), we try to looking for the table for more than 10 mins, seem like we can’t find anyplace. So we decided to find a table at the shop on the left hand side, not really know about the shop name even I have been there for more than 10 times but the left hand side shop is my first visit. Overall not bad, the half-boiled eggs is the best, I believe that timing for half-boiled eggs is very important. Most of the half-boiled eggs we took at normal coffee shop cannot give me this type of feeling may be they are not professional or expert enough. Excellent and tasty. The toast bread kaya and butter is quite tasty as well. The most disappointed is the hainan tea, as I remember the shop on the right hand side, the taste is better. If I not mistaken, sometimes taste is forgetful as well.
crowded with diners

crowded with customers

Toast Bread kaya and butter

toast bread kaya and butter

hainan tea

hainan tea

half-boiled eggs

half-boiled eggs


~ by thamchiak on September 22, 2009.

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