IKEA Food Court

IKEA Food Court @ Mutiara Damansara,PJ. 01 May 2009

    When talk about IKEA, bear in mind you will thing about everything at IKEA is cheap, big and nice. Just the same for the food served at IKEA food court, portion is quite big with a fair and cheap price. The price is about the same as the fast food at MCD or KFC. I ordered the Poached Salmon, since I am flu during that times. For me the taste was not bad. According my friends the Chicken with swedish lemon sauce and Fish & Chips is so so only.They can’t finish the food due to the big portion, WTF !!!!!
Poached  Salmon - RM 12.50

Poached Salmon - RM 12.50

Chicken - RM 10.40

Chicken with swedish lemon sauce - RM 10.40

Fish & Chips RM 8.93

Fish & Chips RM 8.93


~ by thamchiak on September 7, 2009.

One Response to “IKEA Food Court”

  1. Me and my friends went to Ikea restaurant several times before. We ordered poach salmon and fish and chips but we noticed the food portion are smalled compare to other customers(especially Malay customers). We did complained to the manager and the headquaters in Sweden but there is no improvement at all.

    In a separate occasion ,I ordered the breakfast set that comes with free coffee. When I was about to pay at the cashier counter, the staff charged me extra because it was 1 minute past 9.30am. Few minutes later I saw her taking a coffee cup straight from the shelf and give it to her friends without paying first. The staff is female, short, fat, fair skin, wear scarf, and always wear thick make-up.

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