Woodlands Vegetarian Restaurant @ Penang Street

Woodlands  Vegetarian Restaurant @ Penang Street. 17 March 2009






Mango Lassi


Plain Dosai


Vegetable Biriyani

    As I know indian dishes can divide to north, south, west and east. Biriyani is from north, Dosai & bajji is from south and  Puri is from west. My friend CH is expert on indian dish. He always bring his indian colleague hanging around at indian street and hunting for pure indian food. He is strongly recommended this restaurant. This around we give him some stress and let him ordered most of the dish. I order the vegetable biriyani and mango lansi for myself. For me, the vegetable biriyani is just ok only and acceptable. The mango lansi is extremely good. For me the bajji is so so also, but my friend CH love it a lot, end up we let him finish all. HaHa. The puri was the best, end up we order another plate. The plain dosai was just ok and normal. Overall this vegetarian lunch was not bad and the price was reasonable.

~ by thamchiak on August 14, 2009.

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