Balik Pulau

    Food Court / kampung baru @ Balik Pulau. 17 January 2009

Lasak - kampung baru

Laksa - kampung baru

Poh Pia - Market Food Court

Poh Pia - Market Food Court

Pasembor - Market Food Court

Pasembor - Market Food Court

    Today, bring my sister go balik pulau to become a real tham chiak. My first target is the kampung baru Laksa/Hokkien Mee. Which declare by my friend the Laksa and Hokkien Mee is nice, and this stall only open during weekend. Even this stall is bit “cold door”, quite a lot of diner drop by, as I can see. My dad claim that the Hokkien mee was nice, when the hokkien mee is served, my dad(old tham chiak) already start enjoy it, so I not able to took any hokkien mee photo shoot. For me the laksa was just ok. Second round, we drop by the market food court. Bring my sister go there to have food juices, her favorite food juices. My favorite stall was the Pasembor. The taste, you can’t find at any other place, only here. Every time go that food court, found out that the po pia seem like quite “good business”. This time I just order to have a try. unfortunately, kinda disappointed.
    Remarks: My camera send back to Canon for repair, this pictures is took by using my Nokia N73. So the picture quality is just ok only.

~ by thamchiak on August 1, 2009.

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