Canton-i @ QBM. 16 January 2009

    When I visit here, it was just opening for around one or two weeks. When I wrote this post, I have visited this restaurant for around three times already. After came back from HK, I found out that this restaurant taste is more near to HK “real taste” and what should the HK food taste should be. 5 “pao” rice which consist of chicken wing,fried pork, tau fu, egg and imported octopus, overall quite worth and nice. The rice taste is a bit differ and don’t know how to describe. You need to go there find out your self. Taste cannot be share. The wanton soup taste is a bit pure and no taste at all, just same as the one I took at HK before. Canton-i really a “truly hong kong”. The wanton was nice and you can found a big prawn inside. Yummy Yummy. The most disappointed is the mango dessert, I can’t feel any mango taste on the mango dessert. OMG, I will not order this for my second times. Will introduce other nice HK foods on my future post.
5 "pao" rice

5 "pao" rice - RM 15

wanton noddle

wanton soup - RM 11.80

mango dessert

mango dessert - RM 6

    P/S : If you got CIMB credit cards, remember to asked for your privileged. You will entitle for 10 % discount. I love CIMB 😛
    Remarks: My camera send back to Canon for repair, this pictures is took by using my Nokia N73. So the picture quality is just ok only.

~ by thamchiak on July 26, 2009.

One Response to “Canton-i”

  1. As food lovers, my wife and I found Canton-i to be an utter disappointment. While the deco is great, the same cannot be said about the food, particularly the use of inferior ingredients, or the price (not congruent to the ingredients offered). I don’t mind spending on good food, but that’s not what Canton-i offers.

    Canton-i will appeal to those who are easily taken in by the deco and by things-foreign, but true food lovers will see through the disguise.

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