Coffee Island @ Gurney Drive

Coffee Island @ Gurney Drive. 14 January 2009

toasted bread with egg

toasted bread with egg

Vietnam Coffee RM6.90

Vietnam Coffee RM6.90

Lam Mee

Lam Mee

    After working hours just meet my friend and having dinner together. My friend ordered the toasted bread with egg. He claimed that it was so so only. I ordered vientnam coffee and lam mee. The vientnam coffee was just ok for me only. I drink once or twice at new wing damansara before, but I forgot the restaurant name. That one was more nicer. The lam mee is impress me, not bad. A bit special also, feel like having koay tiun soap. As you can see the soup is served with more than half bowl, normally lam mee soup is a bit only. Overall the food there was just ok, but the environment was nice. You can enjoy the sea view with the free cold wind and having a paided hot coffee. Need to enjoy life sometimes !!!!
    Remarks: My camera send back to Canon for repair, this pictures is took by using my Nokia N73. So the picture quality is just ok only.

~ by thamchiak on July 12, 2009.

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