Island Red Cafe@Crystal Point

Island Red Cafe @ Crystal Point. 04 January 2009

tom yam fried rice

tom yam fried rice



orange juice

orange juice

    Just drop by crystal point with my god sister. Suppose want to go old house. But she said that old town is a bit tedious. She want to try something new. So we drop by and try the “new toilet”. Overall the food was just normal but I feel a bit expensive. My god sister claim that the fried rice was just ok. For me the rojak was not bad but very expensive. As I remember is around RM 5 or RM 6. The orange juices is just OK.
    Remarks: My camera send back to Canon for repair, this pictures is took by using my Nokia N73. So the picture quality is just ok only.

~ by thamchiak on July 2, 2009.

One Response to “Island Red Cafe@Crystal Point”

  1. Try the food at Pan Palace in Lip Sin, same building as Sunshine Lip Sin, it tastes better than the Crystal Point outlet somehow. Maybe because they have a Chinese chef I suppose ;-p

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