Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant

Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant @ QBM. 05 December 2008

Hot Coke with Ginger & Lemon

Hot Coke with Ginger & Lemon



toasted bread with peanut butter

toasted bread with honey butter

black pepper rice

black pepper rice

    After came back from Hong Kong, really feel that Kim Gary food..the taste is totally different from the “real taste of HK food”. The only restaurant in QBM that really close to the “real taste of HK food” is Canton-i (will introduce this restaurant in the future post). Hot Coke with Ginger & Lemon still my favorite drinks in Kim Gary. The 猪扒包 really totally different from the one I took at Macau before. The bread, the pork and the taste is totally out. As I remember, Macau one don’t have mayonis sauce one. I will rather said that this is a Malaysia Style 猪扒包. The black pepper rice and toasted bread with honey butter is my friend William favorites.
    I reach here around 11:55 am, and I wait for around 30 mins. Due to new opening, this shops is quite crowded. All penang people wish to try the “new toilet”. Shame to said that, I am a typical Penang people also !!!! Overall the services is not bad, even it is new opening…. food delivery waiting time and bill settlement waiting time, all is reasonable. As I can see, most of the senior staff is from Gurney Plaza Kim Gary.

~ by thamchiak on March 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “Kim Gary Hong Kong Restaurant”

  1. OMG….KimGary also can eat ah……

  2. not much choice ..sometimes !!!

  3. i wouldnt eat there for free lol after seeing is it the bangla? or nepali?preparing my food!!!

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