Laksa(Malay Style)

Laksa @ Balik Pulau. 02 December 2008

lasak stall

lasak stall (soup can be refill)


Laksa (Malay Style)

    What so special on this Malay Style Laksa ? It cost me RM 1 only. You need to prepared everything by yourself. The taste is a bit pure but is OK for me. May be due do everything is DIY (the soup is not cook by me of course :P), when I having the Laksa..the feeling is different…some more under the hot sun. When you took some too oiling food most of the times, is good that to having something more pure and organic some other times. According to the malay boy, they open the stall around 2 p.m. But that day I reach there already around 3 p.m. ++, they just open the stall during this times !!!!

~ by thamchiak on March 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Laksa(Malay Style)”

  1. aiyo the laksa soup look like plain water.
    the soup have taste ah???

  2. Actually not cheap if u really consider the size n taste n ingredient….

    BTW, that day i went(Sunday), stall not open , but i saw them setting up bumbung.,…..

  3. u bad luck la …babaloo

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