Xuan Xin Restaurant

Xuan Xin Restaurant @ Gurney Plaza. 30 November 2008

the menu

the menu



fried rice

fried rice

Macaroni 通粉

Macaroni 通粉

    One word….sucks…in term of services and even food. Waiting somebody to serve us is around 45 mins, and another 30 mins for waiting the food. It is off peak hours during that time, is around 2 p.m. Can’t believe that we need to waiting for so long. The HK style milk tea is just ok for me. My friend claim that the fried rice is no taste at all and same as the 通粉.

~ by thamchiak on March 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Xuan Xin Restaurant”

  1. Hahahaha… I saw The “S” word towards the end. The presentation alone had scared me off. 😛

  2. Everything I post here is the true. What they need to do is..accept the customer feedback and improved it.
    Thats the only way so survive.

  3. Gurney Xuan Xin Restaurant i didnt went b4, but saw it last few week.

    r they the same as Xuan Xin buffet(opposite tari cafe)?…

    if yes, then no supprise y the food not good….coz buffet food also no so good, i go there just of the aircond n no need BBQ our self nia…

    the charges not cheap also…..

    BTW, y the eng name is xuan xin ah….in chinese it does not sound that rite.

  4. cyndi_9091cch@hotmail.com and qinwong@hotmail.com
    I believe this 2 is fake email address. This is from same source/person.

    This two people leave me a comment, which from same IP address :

    If you want to post comment please use real identity.

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