The Sire Museum Restaurant

The Sire Museum Restaurant @ King Street, Penang. 18 November 2008

    I have read a lot of bloggers reviews and newspaper introductions about this restaurant before. My friends which ordered the chicken and lamb stick. Both also comment that the food is just ok only. I ordered the seafood spaghetti, I will said “delicious” without any doubts.
The Sire

The Sire



lamb stick

lamb stick

seafood spaghetti

seafood spaghetti

    We took a lot pictures at this restaurant. The environment is damn good. The museum interior design look luxury and elegant.
    After visit the restaurant, only found out that…seem like their desserts is more nice. Will try the desserts next time. The Pastry Chef is working at Ferringhi Garden and The Sire Museum Restaurant as well.

~ by thamchiak on December 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Sire Museum Restaurant”

  1. hmm.. agree.. this is a MUST try restaurant…… yum yum

  2. i never went before this place,shall arrange a time for visit, by the way, the bloggiful gathering group photo already posted at my website

  3. I had the good fortune to visit this restaurant this year 2009. A wonderful surprise, good food,beautiful setting with the museum and restaurant blending well together. an absolute joy to eat there

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