Hong Kong Day Five – 05/11/08

Hong Kong. 05 November 2008



duck meat set lunch

duck meat set lunch

    Last minutes feel like I still not yet try the HK “烧腊”. 11 am took the breakfast and 1 pm took my lunch. Since today is my last lunch at HK. I must accomplish my mission. So just hanging around and found out that “龙凰烧腊” is look nice. So I ordered the lunch set. Which included one soup, one plate of duck meat, one vegetable and one bowl of rice. The duck skin is quite thin and the meat is quite thick. Another way of fried duck. Quite like it.

    It is quite cheap also. The set lunch cost me around RM 10 + only.






    Our last dessert at HK. Not really like this type of “糖水”. Since my mother always cook it since I was a small small kids. Just taste my sister “”芝麻糊”, not bad. The “腐竹糖水” also ok.
    地址 :佐敦白加士街43號地下
burger king

burger king

fish burger

fish burger

    My last dinner at HK airport. Burger King always is my favorite. Always wondering why Penang don’t have any outlet. It is Penang people only love MCD ?

~ by thamchiak on December 3, 2008.

7 Responses to “Hong Kong Day Five – 05/11/08”

  1. NOrmally Penang ppl go HK…more like a makan trip rather than walk walk trip..

  2. Depends. Some go there for shopping only. Just like my sister.
    Some go there fro disney only.
    And some like me just go for chiak.

  3. btw.. how long u had been blogging… plan to get ur own domain?….. get more serious in food blogging…..

  4. almost 1/2 year.
    just play for fun first. 🙂

    I got around 20 post not yet write. A bit busy lately.

  5. sometime play play can get lot of income from the net…

    wanna know…. drop me an email.. ok?

    happy blogging…..

  6. yala….why Penang dun hv Burger King…???????????

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