Than Hsiang Temple

Vegetarian Lunch @ Than Hsiang Temple. 07 October 2008

vegetarian lunch - RM 4.80

vegetarian lunch - RM 4.80

    Today is my last day for vegetarian. Meet my friend at Than Hsiang Temple around 12 pm. Quite crowded today and the environment there is very very hot. They calculate the cost by K/G. 1 K/G is around 0.80 sen. 4 dish with rice, only RM 4.80, I considered it as cheap. And of course, the food there is nice.

~ by thamchiak on October 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Than Hsiang Temple”

  1. to.. I am totally shock when they put my plate to get the total weight….

    my fren nearly fainted ….. 😦

  2. Last time is better ..I think.
    Since the plate also quite heavy …I think 😛
    The lunch price come with the plate weight.
    This is something special………..

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