Evergreen Vegetarian House – Cantonment Road

Evergreen Vegetarian House @ Cantonment Road. 06 October 2008

RM 4.50

RM 4.50

    Quite long time didn’t visit this shop, since I working at BJ area now. Today almost whole day at town and doing some of my personal thing. I meet my friend there and we having lunch together. My friend took some of the vegetarian satay, the economic rice cost him around RM 9. Quite expensive vegetarian lunch for him.
    I just having a simple and cheap vegetarian lunch. The vegetarian roll is my favorite, only leave one when I ordered my lunch ….luckily I got it. The fried tau fu is my favorite too.

~ by thamchiak on October 6, 2008.

One Response to “Evergreen Vegetarian House – Cantonment Road”

  1. Yeah, this place is really nice – they serve a wide variety of vegetarian dishes and they even have lots of desserts and fruity drinks for you to choose from!
    For light meals, you can opt for their pau, bak chang, curry/hokkien mee. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choices if you are here!

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