Vegi Burger – Nine Emperor Gods Festivals

Vegi Burger @ Macalister Road Vegi Stall. 01 October 2008

Vegi Burger - RM 3.20

Vegi Burger - RM 3.20

    My favorite burger during nine emperor gods festivals. This stall located at macalister road. Just opposite the church. I know this stall since my college times. Around 8 to 9 years back. Feel like last time is more tasty, now still ok only. Anyway, the vegi meat just like a real one :P.

~ by thamchiak on October 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Vegi Burger – Nine Emperor Gods Festivals”

  1. Is it the Luk Yea Yan restaurant?
    Stall….hmmmm….still thinking where is this:p

  2. No, macalister road got a lot of vegi stall during Nine Emperor Gods Festivals. Just opposite the church. That stall got economic rice, burger, curry mee/hokkien mee and etc.

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