Double Good

Double Good @ BJ. 26 September 2008

black pepper squid

black pepper squid

indonesia prawn

indonesia prawn

Seremban Egg

Seremban Egg



steamed fish

steamed fish

    Having dinner with my parents and uncle, which treat by my sister.

    Short Review:
    black pepper squid- the most tasty overall.
    indonesia prawn- just normal, not as good as my colleague told me.
    Seremban Egg – just normal.
    chicken- not so good if compare to previous visit.
    steamed fish – just normal.

    Suppose we still want to ordered some dessert, but we are too full. Just cancel the plan.

~ by thamchiak on September 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “Double Good”

  1. i like the indonesia prawn a lot in Double Good.

    Not sure why you consider it normal. 🙂
    Maybe the chief kepala pusing on that day kot.

    DG price is reasonable, though!

  2. may be lo
    my family members also said so so

    actually one of my friend recommended me this dish also 🙂

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