Pang(HAINAN) Seafood

Pang(HAINAN) Seafood @ Tanjung Bungah. 20 September 2008

RM 4

oyster - RM 4

RM 12.50

fried tao fu with salty fish - RM 12.50

RM 20

frog meat - RM 20

RM 12

malaysia style - RM 12

780g-RM 78

Lai Liu Ha -780g-RM 78

520g - RM 36.40

steamed fish - 520g - RM 36.40

    My brother is coming back to Penang and he asked me bring him go to Tanjung Bungah area to having dinner. I knew this place actually, seem like every time pass by also full of customers. Logically the food should be not bad. Total bill around RM 190++, a bit expensive.
    Short Review:
    oyster-took by my in law and she claim that is quite fresh and nice.
    fried tao fu with salty fish – quite tasty but a bit salty.
    frog meat – quite tasty, feel like the frog meat is not big size enough.
    Lai Liu Ha – not really like the steamed lai liu ha, more prefer fried one. (quite expensive)
    steamed fish – quite nice and cheap also.
    After doing some reseach at internet, I think next time I should order the Choon Piah and Crab.
    Which claim by the bloggers, it is best selling and tasty.

~ by thamchiak on September 21, 2008.

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