kimberley Street

hawker stall @ kimberley street. 18 September 2008

Bak Kuah Roti

Bak Kuah Roti

Balacan Fried Chicken

Balacan Fried Chicken

Shong Hor Hin Medicated Tea Stall

Shong Hor Hin Medicated Tea Stall

    This post will be a bit “alternative”, this post will not show any food but the stall. All the while I only show the food without stall/shop pictures(mostly). Just that don’t want my blog look like advertisement for that shop.
    Suppose want to eat Koay Teow Soup with chicken drumstick or Duck Kway Chap. Unfortunately not open today. So just simply ta pao something and eat at street. Quite surprise today the Bak Kuah Roti got open. They seem like sometimes got open and sometimes no. I heard that they open around 4 pm onwards. Their bread is more “wet” compare to Farlim one. Overall quite nice also.
    The Balacan Fried Chicken is my second favorite at kimberley street. Sometimes feel that the uncle is quite slow, due to quite good business. At Penang not much of Balacan Fried Chicken. My friend asked me it is BM one more nice or this one, honestly I already forgot about the taste for the BM one. Just recall back, near air port also got one stall balacan fried chicken which I feel is nice also.
    Actually my throat is quite dry today. After having some “”hot” thing, I go to took the Shong Hor Hin Medicated Tea. The other day when I woke up, surprisingly my throat is not so dry anymore. Even I took some hot and spicy thing. This medicated tea quite efficient.

~ by thamchiak on September 20, 2008.

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