Bak Kuah Roti

Bak Kuah Roti @ Shell Farlim Station. 07 September 2008

Bak Kuah Roti

Bak Kuah Roti

    While on the way back home, drop by and take away the bak kuah roti. Since not much of nice food at farlim or paya terubong. This is my favorite bak kuah roti. This stall previously located at shell station, farlim. Now just behind pizza hunt, just located at the shop lot there. Quite long time not drop by there, after I found out the lasak beside this stall is not longer tasty.

~ by thamchiak on September 7, 2008.

7 Responses to “Bak Kuah Roti”

  1. You didn’t buy me one… 😦

  2. you remember that time, want to guide you there but already closing the stall.

    this is your destiny 😛

  3. i think kimberly street 1 more nice.But the uncle not every day open 1 .

  4. yeah, that one I knew…….
    This one also not bad la …….
    your good friend ah boon favorite.

  5. Nvm next tie u buy for me

  6. your come find me , I bring you go ….
    eat there more yummy


  7. […] no. I heard that they open around 4 pm onwards. Their bread is more “wet” compare to Farlim one. Overall quite nice also. The Balacan Fried Chicken is my second favorite at kimberley street. […]

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