Red Box Gurney Plaza

Red Box @ Gurney Plaza. 09 August 2008

Prawn mee

Prawn mee

    Around 10:30 reach red box, directly having breakfast there. I order prawn mee. Surprising the prawn mee is quite tasty. With 2 big prawn only cost me around RM 13++. But actually is free one also, since this month is my birthday month, once you got the coupon using the dotred card.
    As I can remember, the sausage taste is so so. Forgot to tell my friend not to order the sausage.
    She also said the sausage is not so nice.



~ by thamchiak on August 10, 2008.

One Response to “Red Box Gurney Plaza”

  1. i feel the red box protion is small compare to KL.
    KL will offer the big room for u although u only 3 person.
    if u in penang it will ngam ngam fit into 3 person and very small room only….. ni

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