Batu Lancang Hawker Centre

Pasembor/Poh Pia @ Batu Lancang Hawker Centre. 09 August 2008

    Every times my friends came back from Singapore, sure take away RM 20 ++ Pasembor back to Singapore to my another friend. This time I bring her go Batu Lancang there Ta Pao. Quite like the taste. One plate is around RM 3.3. A bit expensive.


    I also order a small plate of Poh Pia. It cost around RM 2++ for two pieces. The taste still ok, not very good and not very bad also.
poh pia

poh pia


~ by thamchiak on August 10, 2008.

One Response to “Batu Lancang Hawker Centre”

  1. […] pasembor for my uncle. This stall of Pasembor is not bad also. But of course, my favorite still is batu lancang one. Tags: malaysia food, Pasembor, penang food, penang […]

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