Nippon YataiMura (日本屋合村)

Nippon YataiMura (日本屋合村) @ Pulau Tikus. 08/08/08

Having a short and fast lunch at YataiMura. Need to rush back and attend my friend wedding registration.
This lunch treat by my friend Eric & Ah Bell, I think this lunch consider as their wedding registration lunch :).

Due to the dim sum and mee, I am still quite full. When enjoy the lunch. I digest it quite slow 😛

Feel the food is so so only. Will go to QMB try again. May be the udon is more nice !!!


unagi set

the view

the view


~ by thamchiak on August 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Nippon YataiMura (日本屋合村)”

  1. we been there last few weeks… like their ramen.. got grading some more…. I mean how spicy the soup would be……..

  2. will try next time 🙂
    a lot people said so …..
    you feel QMB better or Pulau Tikus ?

    So far I heard that, QBM one is so so ?

  3. not bad this one….
    just i feel the prices is 20% more than i expected from food.
    Anyway beh pai if mai hiam.
    Tham chaik go to try bak kut teh at the back of sunshine square.that one will open 6 pm onwards.when coffee house close it will open.the coffee house has one famous laksa also.
    if u dont know call me ……

  4. Pulau Tikus one better compared to QBM. In addition, the price in QBM is more expensive and the service sucks….

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